Internal Governance


  • 2 CPD Hours

Internal governance has attracted attention recently as the recent financial crisis pointed out that Investment Firms and Credit Institutions suffer from weak, superficial internal governance practices. The aim of this seminar is to outline the importance of having the appropriate corporate governance structure in achieving the organisation’s objectives.

Having a strong governance acts as an effective checks and balances within the organization. Internal governance deals with issues such as setting of the organization’s objectives, strategies and risk management framework, allocation of responsibilities and reporting lines so as to set up a sound effective internal control framework. The objective is to outline the control framework necessary for an organization to operate effectively and efficiently.

The seminar applies to members of the Board and Senior Management, members of the Compliance, Risk and Internal Audit Units of Investment Firms, Credit Institutions and public and private companies.


Olivia Parpa

Olivia Parpa has studied Law at Bristol University and then trained to qualify as a Chartered Accountant with the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ACA). She obtained her practical experience at Langley & Partners in London and then started off her career as a CFO in a private company. She currently the Managing Director of a large financial institution in Cyprus, having also performed the role of the Compliance Officer as of 2009. Her current duties include overseeing the Compliance and Risk function of the financial institution and the application of the money laundering and corporate governance regulations.

Olivia is a long-standing associate of Globaltraining, having delivered lectures for many professional structured courses and seminars. Seminar topics that she has delivered in the past include the role of the Compliance Unit, the Money Laundering Unit and the Risk Unit as well as the application of the Corporate Governance rules of the Cyprus Stock Exchange. ACA courses delivered by Olivia for Globaltraining include Business & Finance, Business Strategy, Law and Case Study. Since the MiFID application in Cyprus 2007, she has been the leading Globaltraining lecturer for the Cyprus Investment Firm Employees’ certification issued by CySEC.


  • Composition of the Board of Directors and its Role
  • The Committees:
    • Risk Committee
    • Audit Committee
    • Nomination Committee
    • Remuneration Committee
  • Principles of Remuneration & Principles of Variable Remuneration
  • Reporting Requirements

What’s included

  • Pre-Recorded Videos

  • Short Quizzes

  • Seminar notes

  • 24/7 access to our online platform

  • Certificate of Completion

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