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Why choose the ACA


The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales – ICAEW was established by royal charter in 1880.

The ICAEW is the oldest and largest chartered accountancy body in Europe with more than 181,000 members and students in over 148 countries. It is the most prestigious professional body for students who aspire to become qualified accountants.

Chartered accountants are the founders of the accountancy profession and have led its global development. Today they hold influential positions around the world as business leaders, decision-makers and trusted advisers.  ACA members shape success, across industries.

ACA professionals are ever valued in the changing landscape of the VUCA world (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity) which demands:

  • talented
  • ethical
  • committed professionals
  • with unrivalled knowledge
  • with skill and commitment
  • to achieve the financial and strategic goals of businesses – with rigour, integrity and vision.

Key Benefits

  • Gain access to world-leading information resources, technical guidance, member offers and discounts, advisory services and local member networks.
  •  Access a rigorously reviewed syllabus, frequently adjusted to address the true needs of professionals.
  • Equip its members with the necessary technical and professional skills to confidently operate in uncertain economic conditions and adapt to technological changes.
  • Helps employers retain high-quality employees, as well as develop a pipeline of future leaders.
  • Offers members the big picture, as more accounting tasks become automated-ACA professionals can be trusted to advise organisations and clients to navigate complex business issues and decision-making.
  • Assures the ICAEW members of a consistent protection of the quality and integrity of the accountancy profession, maintaining trust in your organisation.

Course Focus

To ensure the ongoing relevance of the qualification and ACA training in today’s changing commercial landscape, ICAEW has undertaken through consultation and research- to identify which professional skills are needed for the future chartered accountant. These are duly incorporated-as additional skills- to the rigorous technical knowledge assessed within each module.

Additional skills refer to:

  • Adaptability– the ability to recognize that business is in a constant state of change and evolution, to be curious about this, and to be flexible and adjust thinking, approach or methods as required.
  • Insight– the ability to analyse, interpret data and think critically to provide commercial insight.
  • Collaboration– the ability to collaborate and consider diverse perspectives to create successful outcomes while being accountable for self.
  • Perspective– the ability to take a holistic view of business issues and decisions, considering external stakeholder interests and enterprise-wide implications.
  • Learning and reflection– the ability to reflect on experience, learn and change to be more efficient and effective.

All about exams

Course content/ Exam structure

  • Exams consist of 15 Modules across a broad range of topics in accountancy, finance and business
  • Exams are grouped under 3 levels: Certificate, Professional and Advanced
  • Exams are designed to complement their practical work experience, so they constantly progress through the qualification
  • They can be taken in any order with the exception of the Case Study, which has to be attempted last, within the final year of an ACA training agreement and once all other exams have been taken or received credit.

Explore each level:

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