Advanced Diploma in International Taxation

No ordinary achievement

Why choose ADIT


ADIT is an International, Advanced Level Specialist Qualification, offered by The Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT, UK).

The ADIT is a challenging yet rewarding qualification that will help you identify as a true international tax specialist.

ADIT, the international tax credential, is an advanced level designation in cross-border tax. Designed by a board of world-leading experts, it has been created to provide the robust foundation in international tax that today’s professional needs to stand out from the crowd.

Key Benefits

  • It allows you to stand out from the crowd as a true international tax professional.
  • Develop the confidence you need to advise clients, lead teams, and influence the profession.
  • Expand your horizons and increase your earning potentials.
  • Stay on top of the current trends and changes in legislation, and guide businesses to operate responsibly, sustainably and ethically.
  • Offers unlimited career opportunities as the global tax environment continues to grow and evolve with new topics always emerging.
  • Be part of the global community of International Tax Affiliates, students and graduates in 120 countries around the world.

Course Focus

International tax is the application of taxes and tax law across national borders. It relates to individuals, businesses and government agencies engaging in commerce, employment or other financial transactions which involve more than one country.

As tax laws and policies vary significantly between countries and territories, cross-border taxation requires an expert level of knowledge to interpret, which ADIT can help you to develop.

It is perfect for senior-level tax professionals and managers, or people working towards a senior level in international tax, who are looking to develop their knowledge and further their career, with no prerequisites needed. Designed by a board of world-leading experts.

All about exams

Course content/ Exam structure

  • No pre-requirements to register as an ADIT student
  • ADIT consists of 3 examinations
  • Can be taken in any order and frequency

To obtain the ADIT certificate, students must complete 3 modules:

  1. Principles of International Taxation – This module is compulsory for all.
  2. Jurisdiction Module – Candidates must select the tax jurisdiction of their preference; we offer the Cyprus Option.
  3. Thematic Module – Candidates must select a subject; we offer (i) Transfer Pricing Option & (ii) EU VAT Option.

It should be noted and emphasized the sequence is purely based on the candidate’s preferences. Candidates select the module they want based on their occupational and personal development needs.
Students can also opt to complete an extended thesis (15,000-20,000 words) on an International Tax subject of their choice, in lieu of one of the option modules.

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Meet the Requirements

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