Joseph has over 20 years’ working experience serving as a director and consultant at audit firms, following 15 years in industry in roles that progressed from Chief Accountant to Commercial Manager to CFO/ Finance Director. For the last 18 years he has also been the owner of a company providing a full range of assurance & forensic services, including training and consulting.

From the unique perspective of an industry expert – a trainer who has remained an audit practitioner (Technical & Audit Director, as well as external Consultant at other firms) throughout his illustrious training career spanning over 20 years, he can provide insights and advice of immediate practical relevance and application to audit firms engaged in the daily struggle to balance their professional, technical, compliance and commercial requirements. In particular, he can provide input of instant value to the firms’ strategic priority of passing their monitoring visits.

Joseph is the consummate writer and editor of audit reports in practice, having drafted or finalised thousands in his long, continuing career as an audit-firm director in direct charge of reports. As such, he can make a unique contribution to his trainees’ ability to write both appropriate and articulate reports.