We are pleased and proud to have two articles in the latest ICAEW students insights giving exam guidance by top tutors on two ACA certificate level modules:


By Georgia Cottis

As long as you’ve prepared well, Principles of Taxation is a very doable exam. Although there is a lot of detailed knowledge required with the various tax rules, the questions themselves can be quite straightforward, and there’s a lot of information in the tax tables, which you will have available in the exam. It’s also computational, which I find students tend to prefer to the more theoretical topics.

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By Michalis Elpidorou

I would say Management Information is without doubt the most challenging of the ICAEW CFAB and Certificate Level exams. In my experience, students find it more difficult to pass this exam than any other at this level. It tests not just their ability to memorise information, but also their critical thinking, analytical and decision-making skills – and students who have just come out of school or university are not well-equipped for this yet.

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