In light of the recent outbreak of  Covid -19  and the respective preventative measures taken globally, we at Globaltraining have immediately taken action to ensure we continue to support our students with the utmost professionalism whilst at the same time taking full consideration and care in protecting both our staff and students.

As such as of 13th March, we have transferred all our students to our Live online platform. All students have been given access to our online Moodle platforms which have been designed and developed for purpose and as such transferred all our ground based courses to live online.  Each lecture, is transmitted live online with the students being given the opportunity to view from home without losing interaction as they have the chance to raise questions, participate in class discussions and solve real time questions with their lecturers.  Furthermore, we encourage all students to keep connected with their lecturers through various apps that each lecturer has designed for purpose whether it is a WhatsApp group, Facebook group, video calls etc.

It is amazing how these preventative measures have actually brought the whole team closer and more active,  taking leaps in order to ensure all our students and clients  are supported all the way. Students are very appreciative of all the efforts made and many have actually been very positively impressed on how effective and efficient this new learning mode is for them!

We are keeping connected with everyone,  just like before but working remotely. We are closely monitoring the situation and we will be keeping you updated on further information  and news accordingly.

Stay tuned and be safe.

Globaltraining Team

Nicosia, Limassol, Athens and Bucharest.