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Over the years, due to increased and constantly changing requirements within the finance sector, small and medium sized firms have been seeking a hands-on consultation service to assist them in meeting relevant professional industry standards in a timely and cost-effective manner.  AuditEXP delivers this service by way of various consultation and training programs through which these firms are provided the necessary knowledge needed to implement ISAs and IFRSs efficiently in terms of time, cost and quality.

Seminars and Workshops

We at Globaltraining have been delivering bespoke seminars and workshops to our clients for over 20 years providing in-depth practical guidance on the application of relevant financial standards. These have been further enhanced by adding additional consultation services developed by our experts with the aim of ensuring that audit firms have all the necessary updated knowledge and resources to implement relevant financial standards correctly from the get-go.

Our services include the following:

Cold file review:

  • A detailed review of the financial statements and audit file(s) of assignments that have been fully completed and signed off.
  • A written report that will highlight areas that require improvement so as to increase the efficiency of the assignment and ensure compliance with all relevant standards, together with action points on our recommendations.
  • Each visit will include a verbal debriefing meeting with the client. This is an important part of the service and will highlight the key points arising from the reviews as well as the recommended action to be taken.

Compliance reviews:

  • Consultation on requirements of ISQC1 for documenting the firm’s policies and procedures.
  • A review of office procedures including acceptance and reappointment, independence, fit and proper, skills and competence, money laundering regulations,  consultation and PII.
  • A written report that will identify strengths and weaknesses as well as suggestions for improvement.

Supporting documents for your Audit Methodology developed in-house:

  • Updated to meet the requirements of the Clarified ISAs.
  • Available in Greek and/or English language.
  • Increases efficiency in the audits by small and medium sized entities.
  • Covers documents for both Permanent and Current Audit files.
  • Templates that can be customized and adapted to meet your own firm’s preferences.

Training and coaching tailored for the firms’ requirements:

  • A training schedule is developed in close communication with the client to address the firm’s specific needs and practices.
  • Practical illustrations and case studies to address common pitfalls.
  • Training can cover diverse topics for both IFRS and ISA requirements.
  • Delivered by experienced personnel having sound technical knowledge and practical experience.

Post implementation review and ongoing support:

  • Dealing with technical queries.
  • Review of file/s after training is delivered to review the improvement made by firm in applying their methodology.
The AuditEXP Reviewers:

Our team of AuditEXP reviewers are all highly experienced and qualified individuals and all information obtained during the course of the reviews, including the final report, will be treated as strictly private and confidential.
Georgia Cottis (BA, ACA):
Georgia Cottis is the AuditEXP principal reviewer and is a full-time member and teacher of professional courses at Globaltraining in respect of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) since 2008. She delivers all relevant audit papers pertaining to both qualifications to her students, and consistently attains excellent results. She is also highly involved in the delivery of targeted audit seminars and consultations to firms in relation to meeting the ongoing demands of the audit profession.
Georgia has seven years of experience in the profession working in both Big Four and local audit firms thus having acquired a sound practical grasp of the course areas.
Contact us to find out more about these services.