Dan is a graduate of DePaul University with a degree in Sociology, and has a Master of Science degree in the Detection of Deception, and is certified in the Reid Technique. Dan has been employed at John E. Reid and Associates since 1974 and was Director of the Reid College and has served as a member on the Board of Directors at John E Reid & Associates. Dan is Director of the Seminar Division and has assisted with the development of the Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing Seminar, The Reid Technique of Interviewing and Interrogation Seminar and The Reid Technique of Advanced Interviewing and Interrogation
Techniques. Dan has conducted over 12,000 actual interviews and interrogations and has presented numerous international seminars on the Reid Technique. Dan has conducted 100’s of Seminars in the US and International Programs for NATO, Military Intelligence, Law Enforcement, and Private Security Groups, and Intelligence agencies in such countries as Germany, South Korea, the Czech Republic, Singapore, England, Sultanate of Oman, Belgium, Mexico, The Netherlands, India, Malaysia, Tanzania, Philippines and the United Arab Emirates. He has also conducted training in Sudan for UN Forces and numerous training programs for the Federal Police of Brazil. Dan just recently conducted a specialized program in Tanzania which was sponsored by Interpol
for the Wildlife service of several African countries to help in their fight in apprehending poachers, and finding who they were supplying the ivory and other illegal contraband too. Dan’s hands-on knowledge of criminal suspects made it possible for him to make significant contributions to the course material for the Reid seminars. Reid course participants constantly make comments about Dan’s commitment to excellence and professionalism in his seminar presentations.