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LCI 2021-22 | Talking to Global Minds Series: Peter Hinssen

The University of Nicosia and Globaltraining, in collaboration with the UNIC Career Success Centre and selected sponsors are bringing to you the series of talks “Talking to Global Minds“, featuring some of the brightest minds on the planet, namely Peter Hinssen, Suneel Gupta, Costas Markides and Ethan Kross. Join the brightest minds on the planet, who challenge the status quo in business, spearhead innovation and shape our ideas for the decisive year ahead.

Peter Hinssen is a serial entrepreneur, advisor, keynote speaker and author, Peter is one of the most sought-after thought leaders on radical innovation, leadership and the impact of all things digital on society and business. He lectures at various business schools such as the London Business School (UK) and MIT in Boston. Peter has founded ‘nexxworks’ to help organizations become fluid, innovate and thrive in ‘The Day After Tomorrow’.

‘The Phoenix and the Unicorn’ is a book about the Phoenix, about those companies that – just like the mythical bird – are able to rethink themselves in cycles: time and time again they rise from the ashes of the old, and come out stronger than ever before. They are the Walmarts, the Volvos, the Disneys, the Apples, the Microsofts…
This is a book about these Phoenixes. It’s about understanding what is happening in a world of constant change. It’s about observing and trying to learn from the Unicorns. But primarily, it tells the story of how companies can ACT on their Day After Tomorrow, and how they can apply innovation as an antidote to a radically changing environment. It doesn’t just zoom in on WHAT you need to do in order to innovate, but also on HOW you can make innovation a reality in your organization.